Made in China in the era of E-commerce

In the era of fast e-commerce, we are committed to injecting new vitality into traditional manual manufacturing. Adapt traditional manual manufacturing to fast, small batch production rhythms. Rejuvenate the vitality of manual manufacturing in the modern e-commerce society.


We are a young team with 20 years of experience in handbag design and production!



Team size
Monthly capacity
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About 25 workers
Leather handbag

Yousheng Leather was founded in Huizhou, Guangdong, which is a city with long manufacturing experience. Slow pace and high quality have always been the hallmark of the city's manufacturing industry. Our team has been in this beautiful city for 20 years and has been designing and producing high quality leather handbags.

Due to the advent of the e-commerce era, the large-volume, slow-paced traditional manufacturing industry has begun to be out of age with the fast-paced era, and it is obviously unable to adapt to the small-volume, fast-paced production requirements of the e-commerce era. So our team has been streamlined and reorganized to reconstitute the production team. Our goal is to revitalize the traditional handicraft industry in the fast-paced e-commerce era.

At present, our team has more than 20 people and the monthly output is about 2,000 to 3,000 handbags. From design to production and processing, from the design draft to the final product can be completed. Small teams can move quickly and quickly complete small and medium orders. And at the same time adhere to our consistent quality requirements.


Our advantages


We have 20 years of experience in leather handbag design and production.


Our production schedule is very flexible and can adapt to the fast changing business environment.


From design drawings to mass production, it can be completed within 30 days.

High quality

Environmentally friendly and high quality raw materials, delicate handwork. These will guarantee the quality of every handbag.

Our products

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